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Where health, happiness and personal growth...synergize for results!
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Are you teaching your body to store fat?

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Are you teaching your body to store fat?... probably!

by Robert Ridpath on 07/28/10

Are you teaching your body to store fat? …Probably

Do a self test, flex your abdominal muscles/ cough, check the fat around your waist. Can you pinch an inch or is it more like grab a mile?

Mid section fat, "belly fat", visceral fat is stored around our organs and is related to many chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, reduced life span, accelerated aging etc.


So my question is, are you teaching your body to store fat through your lifestyle choices? Most likely so lets review.

  • Skipping breakfast and or skipping meals = sends signal of lack=store more for later. Elevates cortisol.
  • Eating (or drinking) too many sugar spiking calories = high glycemic load foods.  These are the foods that spike your blood sugar and create a spike in insulin-remember insulin is a storage hormone. 
  • Are your meals single nutrient meals ie just carbs
  • Do you eat, mixed meals, that is, do you eat meals with protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber and phytonutrients, at each meal?Do you eat most of your food calories later in the day-little in morning? Upside down pyramid?
  • Do you eat large meals, and/or over eat? 1-2per/day
  • Are you eating large meals, late into the evening?
  • Do you actually consume enough protein? How do you know if you are? You need to have your muscle mass checked-wasting or gaining with BIA.
  • Low intake of phytonutrient rich foods (F&V). More than just fibers, influence and control metabolism.=fat storage
  • Are you eating too many processed and packaged foods with synthetic and “new to nature” molecules which are negatively affecting your genes and promote fat storage?
  • Are you getting the required amount of proper sleep? This is a good solid eight hours of sleep a night? If not…Studies show that within one week insulin increases, inflammation and stress hormones (cortisol) all increase as well.
  • Are you able to manage and control your stress with de-stress strategies and techniques to reduce the total load of stress on your body and mind?
  • Are you working your muscles to burn fat with both with resistance training, and aerobic activity to stimulate the muscles ability to burn fat?
  • Have you gone on diets or weight loss programs? Most cause the loss of muscle, slow your metabolism=rebound and yo-yo effects
  • Are you consuming a good high quality fish oil supplement with the omega-3 oils?
  • Do you take a good high quality multivitamin/mineral combination?

What does this really mean to you? And why is this information so critical? These lifestyle activities greatly influence the bodys tendency to store or burn fat.  The chances are high that you're teaching your body to store energy, to store fat.  Instead of teaching the body to mobilize and utilize fat.

You send the signals of LACK…of calories, rest, recovery, relaxation,nutrients and thus the body stores calories for the rainy day that never comes. Fighting with evolution and mother nature.

You need to signal to the body there is ABUNDANCE. That lots of nutrients are coming in, lots of sleep, rest and recovery. This will allow the body to relax and release/mobilize fat and it also allows the muscle better access to fat to burn/utilize it.

Focus on the BIG 3 = blood sugar/insulin, sleep and stress. They act as a platform for many other hormones and are the foundation of your bodies ability to store or mobilize fat

What difference would it make if your life and health if you started thinking there was abundance in your life.

I wrote about this  extensively in my book, TLC for the body, mind and soul-Addressing the underlying causes of chronic illness.


You can go to the download page and download videos or a summary chart on this topic.

I hope this serves you well and allows you to live a happier, healthier and fuller life!

              Robert Ridpath


Fat vs Muscle loss.

by Robert Ridpath on 06/28/10

If you lose weight what do you lose? Most weight loss programs cause the loss of muscle, (your number one healthy biomarker) and strip you of your health. If you ask the people running the weight loss program what kind of weight you lost they will say fat of course with out even measuring you. I personally have run thousands of tests on people and what most often happens when people lose weight is that they loose fluids and muscle with very little fat loss.You need to deal with clinics that measure your fat, fluids and muscle changes. How do they do this? By using highly accurate bio-medical equipement called BIA or bioelectrical impediance analysis. More advanced clinics will use the DEXA test.- (it is more expensive, takes longer but is the gold standard test)-. Some will use fat calibers which are a good start but not as accurate as BIA. Muscle is about the only tissue which really "burns" fat. It's your metaoblic engine and gives your body shape and tone.You need to know how your body composition changes not just what the scale says. I spend alot of time in my book covering this with lots of detail. Also listen to the featured interview by a know expert Dr. Robin Walsh on weight loss and the BIA. I hope this helps you stay health and well.

Best of health and spirits,

              Robert Ridpath

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